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123 Hp Com DJ2636 Scan To Email

Scan documents or photos or any file to an email within the board of control of the 123 hp Deskjet 2636 printer scan to email appliance, The Scan to Email that’s accessible in web-enabled 123 hp Deskjet 2636 Printer within the application menu that sends email straight from the scanner with the assistance of 123 hp Dj 2636 printer, then send to email, follow the steps for the scan to email.

123 Hp com DJ 2636 Email scanning

       Follow the measures below in the right order to allow the scan configuration on the Deskjet 2636 printer. Make training on the printer required and move forward.

123 HP Deskjet 2636 Email configuration scan

  • You’re also stacking the first one in the 123 HP dj2636 printer gadget scanner unit, at that point keeping the print side down.
  • Similarly, in case you stack the first one in the report feeder you should keep the 123 hp Deskjet 2636 printer print side up at that point.
  • You should move to the home screen at that point.
  • You should select Apps from the home screen menus.

123 HP Deskjet 2636 Use E-mail scanning

You can find out how to use the scan function on the 123 HP Deskjet 2636 printer in this chapter.

  1. The user must set up the scanning function for fast scanning. Build the scan configuration with the above steps.
  2.  Locate the Scan option on the control panel. The Scan option allows the user to configure the preferences.
  3.  Choose your laptop after finding the Scan menu. In the PDF form, draft a mail. You will land on the Request page.
  4.  You have the Scan to Email option in the Apps menu. The sophisticated option can be found in the web-enabled printer.
  5. Now move the file from the printer mail address to the computer place.
  6. Select your printer and select the Scan choice as a final step. It scans the records effectively from the hp Deskjet printer.

123 HP com DJ2636 Email scanning.

To scan files via email, you want to follow the necessities.

  1. Modify the e-mail requirement-based configurations. set up the settings to host web-based email accounts.
  2. confirm the files are within the email so that the scan operation continues.
  3. To scan the desired records, you need to synchronize the e-mail.
  4. Once the hp Deskjet scan is over, you’ll be able to scan the files effectively.
  5. you can refer to the hp Deskjet reference for further measures on the hp Deskjet scan configuration.

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