HP Envy 4509 Printer Setup

The HP envy 4509 printer is a wireless and color printer. The envy printers are inkjet printers and deliver high-quality photos with borderless printing. This HP envy 4509 printer is simple to use and at the same time provides extraordinary output. It also has an SD card slot and can print direct wireless print too. Make sure to download the printer software and device chauffeur from the 123.hp.com/envy4509

123.hp.com/envy4509 - Install And Setup

  1. First, take the printer box and remove all the packing materials then, set aside the guide books and driver installation CD for the printer.
  2. Next, download the upgraded version of the HP envy 4509 printer 123.hp.com/envy4509.
  3. Begin to peel the tape to clear all the packaging lid about the printer to prevent any cartridge jam in the future and take out the printer.
  4. Then take out the power cord and attach one end directly to the wall outlet to prevent any power problems and the other end to the printer.
  5. Presently power ON the printer and set the country, date, and time. Then install ink cartridges of black and tri-color on the suitable slot in the access ink area.
  6. Next, initializing the ink cartridges the printer prompts to load paper. Then load a stack of paper in the input plate of the printer by adjusting the paper guide
  7. Next the alignment page prints. Presently scan the alignment page and press Done when the success message is prompted.



Hp Envy 4509 Printer Setup

123.hp.com/envy4509 - Replacing Cartridge

  1. Start the printer and pull out the input plate and load it with paper and slide it into the input plate
  2. Then open the cartridge access door by lifting the cutouts on the borders of the printer. Now the carriage moves to the access area and waits for some time so the carriage stops moving.
  3. Locate the cartridge you want to replace and open the cartridge cover and remove the cartridge.
  4. Instant ink cartridges are larger than common ink cartridges. Unpack the cartridge and take out the cartridge.
  5. Next, registering the printer 123.hp.com/setup 4509 and subscribing to the instant ink plan, the ink cartridges are sent automatically to the home address.
  1. Then pull the tab in the cartridge to make sure not to press the electrical contacts and ink nozzle. The printer cannot identify the ink cartridge if the chip is damaged.
  2. If there is any issue with the ink cartridge because of the damaged nozzle an error message will be shown in the control panel of the printer
  3. Hold the ink nozzle of the cartridge facing the printer and tap into the carriage slot and close the cartridge access door
  4. If the installation is successful the printer displays Genuine HP ink Cartridges installed message prompts.
  5. Then the printer aligns for the excellent print quality and prints an alignment page.

HP Envy 4509 Printer Setup - Alignment Page


  1. The alignment page is a page that permits the printer to automatically adjust the alignment of the ink cartridges
  2. After successfully loading the ink cartridges the alignment page will be printed which will be utilized by the printer for optimized printing results.
  3. To complete the alignment scan the alignment page. Scan the page by pressing OK in the control panel.
  4. Your printer will scan and align, after obtaining aligned you will get a message. If aligned successfully alignment is finished or alignment failed message will display.
  5. If anything goes wrong get details from 123.hp.com/envy4509 or 123.hp.com/setup 4509 for further details linked to the envy 4509 printers. After receiving the success message touch complete, we are done with the alignment of the printer

Download HP Drivers and Software

HP Envy 4509 Driver Download for Windows

  1. Initially turn on the printer and go to 123.hp.com/envy4509. Then select Software and Drivers in the menu bar.
  2. And select Printer then, type your printer name along with the served number. Now tap Submit.
  3. After reviewing the OS and driver details you have to tap Download. Then open the .exe file downloaded.
  4. And double-tap to open the downloaded file. Simply follow the on-screen instructions of the installer to complete the driver installation process.

HP Envy 4509 Driver Download for Mac

  1. Initially navigate to 123.hp.com/envy4509. Then on the homepage tap Drivers and Downloads.
  2. And select the appropriate Operating System. Locate the driver setup you want to download.
  3. Now tap Download and click Save. Next, open the downloaded .dmg file to start the installation process.
  4. You can install using three methods as Wireless Connection, Local Network Connection, and USB Connection methods


  1. Before starting the wireless network setup know the network name, network password, and a computer linked to the wireless network.
  2. After switching ON the printer press the wireless button in the control panel of the printer and touch the settings in the control panel display
  3. Then follow the guidance prompted on the screen to finish the process.
  4. Go the 123.hp.com/envy4509 in the browser of your PC and type the printer model name and number to download the printer driver and software
  5. Presently run the package from the download and finish the connection setup by following the instruction on the screen
  6. Finally, register your printer to activate and know about the latest product support alerts.


  1. Initially prepare the network connection, network password, and SSID. Keep the printer and the PC near each other.
  2. The process is similar to Windows, downloading the HP envy 4509 printer software and making sure the printer and the PC are attached to the same network.
  3. After installing the launch software the HP utility software opens. HP recommends using the broadband service.
  4. Next, choose the name of the printer in the below list and the printer must have Bonjour. Bonjour is a multicasting network protocol used by iOS devices.
  5. This protocol must be supported by the router so that the Mac PC and the printer can convey easily in the connected active network
  6. Presently add the printer to the network by pressing the wireless icon in the HP envy 4509 printer.
  7. Then tap continue and make sure to follow all the guidance that is prompted on the screen and finish the driver installation process

Steps To Fix Printer Network Connection Issues

  1. Initially restart the printer, router, and PC if the problem prevails follow the below steps.
  2. Fix the firewall of your PC to permit any installation or download from the 123.hp.com/envy4509 HP. The firewall may prevent the printer from accessing the PC.
  3. Remove any metal objects or blocks between the router and the printer and ensure no radioactive devices are in the way.
  1. For the Apple devices first, verify if the router supports Bonjour setting.
  2. This setting is a must for the Apple devices to communicate with the network. Then verify if the LED light near the wireless icon is steady and also check the printer has the same network as the computer.
  3. Next, verify the IP address if the IP address does not match your network, enter the valid IP address printers control panel.

Keep the printer and the router within the range because the greater the distance weaker the signals which can also cause the network connection problem in the HP envy 4509 printers.

123.hp.com/envy4509 - Photos Printing From Memory Card

Initially insert the memory card into the memory card slot of the HP envy 4509 printers. Press the photo menu in the display to view the photo menu. Then touch the view & print option to print the photo. Select the photo and set the number of photos. Next, the photos can be edited before printing. Then preview the photo to adjust the layout and press print.

Duplex Printing In HP Envy 4509

  1. The duplex printing property of the envy printer can cut off the usage of paper, time, and electricity. Download the printer software and driver required for printing from 123.hp.com/envy4509 or 123.hp.com/setup 4509.
  2. First, open the document to be printed, then tap print now select the printer name, and change the printer properties to set preferences. Then in the printing shortcut tab select “Print on both sides” or “two-sided printing”.
  3. Selecting Flip on the long edge option creates a booklet-style printout whereas Flip on the short edge creates tablet-style printouts.
  1. For iOS devices open the document to print on the Mac PC. Check the printer has paper in the paper tray for the print job.
  2. Then tap File in the top left corner and now click print, the print dialogue box will open.
  3. In that select your printer name from the Printer dropdown menu, Then tap show details at the bottom of the screen, if the screen contains a two-sided printing option then your printer has duplex compatibility. Finally, choose the two-sided printing checkbox and tap print.


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