HP Envy 7645 Printer Connection Error

While trying to scan if the connection or communication error occurs there might be a network issue, failure of software installation or the printer is in an error state.

HP ENVY 7645 Network scanner connection error:

Communication or connection error displays when the computer or the scanner is not found. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • First, check whether the issue is related to printing.
  • Next, Restart the device and then check the settings of the driver scan.
  • Then, Check the connection status of the network and printer.
  • Now, Run the print and doctor scan.
  • Next, Uninstall the printer software.
  • Then, Reinstall the HP software.
  • And, Check the settings of windows image acquisition.
  • At last, Disable the firewall software temporarily.

HP Envy 7645 USB scanner connection error:

When there is an error in the USB connection, follow the steps to resolve the issues

  • First, Restart the computer and printer.
  • Check the USB connection.
  • Now, Run the print and scan doctor.
  • Then, Uninstall the printer software.
  • Check for installed printer devices.
  • Now, Reinstall the HP software.
  • At last, Check Windows Image acquisition settings.


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