General Hp printer Scanner Troubleshooting and Remedies

General Hp printer Scanner Troubleshooting and Remedies

Common messages of mistake during scanning

Change Method of Data Transfer from Memory Mode to Native Mode under Scanner Options. Memory mode uses the same method of data transmission as previous Acrobat versions and scans directly to the computer’s memory. Native mode scans straight to the file and is more compatible with a wider range of scanners.

Change the user interface from the Hide Scanner Native Interface to the Native Interface Scanner Show Options. Show Scanner’s Native Interface uses the same previous Acrobat scanning method. It allows the driver of the scanner to run the scanner. The Native Interface of hiding Scanner tries to use the twain driver straight. It can remove error messages, particularly when various pieces of paper are scanned. If none of these solutions jobs, a workaround is sometimes essential. See solution 8 for general troubleshooting tasks, or contact your manufacturer to get your driver updated.

Tasks for general troubleshooting

Perform the following tasks to determine whether the scanner problems are caused by certain system environments or driver problems.

  1. Check that the scanner operates in another application by scanning.

Verify that the scanner works correctly by scanning another application using the same settings that have failed Acrobat (for example, Microsoft Word).

Note: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are not always excellent test outcomes. Scanner companies are developing software to decrease the probability of issues for these products.

If the issues happen when you scan another request, please contact the maker of the scanner.

  1. Instead of using TWAIN (Windows XP). Scan with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA).

Acrobat is compatible with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers. If your scanner supports both drivers, then in the Scanner dialog box create a PDF from the Device menu, pick the WIA driver. Scan document. Scan document.

  1. Install the recent driver for the scanner.

If a TWAIN file is missing or damaged, Acrobat will return an error message to scan through the TWAIN interface. The TWAIN file is substituted by the reinstallation of the scanner driver.

Contact the maker of the scanner to get the recent driver. Remove all files and directories that start with Twain (for instance, “Twain 32.dll”) in Windows or Winnt folder to reinstall the driver. Then restart Windows and install, as directed by the manufacturer, the latest scanner driver.

  1. Restart your laptop with disabled startup products:

Some apps may trigger system mistakes or freeze when running Adobe Acrobat simultaneously. Unable other applications, such as startup items (items that automatically start with Windows), before starting Acrobat.

5. To deactivate Windows XP startup items, do the following:

  1.     Quit all apps.
  2.     Select Start > Run. Type MSConfig in the Open box and then click OK.
  3.     In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, press on the Start button and then select Deactivate Everything.
  4.     Click OK and start Windows again.

To reactivate the startup items,

  1.     Select Start > Run. Type MSConfig into the Open box and then click OK.
  2.     Click the Start tab in the system configuration utility dialog box and select Activate All.
  3.     Click OK and start Windows again.
  4. Restore the picture with a distinct color mode.

Some color modes can cause issues with Acrobat scanning when using certain scanners. See the documentation included with the scanner for instructions for scanning in Acrobat using a different color mode.

  1. Specify the image size in the scanner software preview panel.

If the scanned image is cut off or has incorrect dimensions then specify the image size for the scanner software in the preview panel. See the documentation included with the scanner for instructions on specifying the image size.

  1. Log in to a fresh account.

If you have scanned Acrobat successfully before, your account could be corrupted and cause problems when you scan. Create an admin user account and log in to Windows using the fresh account.

  1. Scan the image in a TIFF file and convert the TIFF file to a PDF file.

  •       Drag the TIFF file to the Acrobat icon in order to convert a TIFF to PDF.
  •       Choose File > Creating PDF > File in Acrobat, pick the TIFF file and click Open.
  •       Print the TIFF file to the Adobe PDF Printer in the scanner software.

Correcting page size when scanning

Some scanners do not report Acrobat “supported sizes,” if the Native Interface of hiding Scanner is chosen in Acrobat 8 scanner options. Switch to Show the Native Interface of the Scanner and pick the page size from the Scanner app.

Negative image while scanning

Invert Black and White images in the scanner options if the picture turns out adverse (for instance, white paper becomes black). Try making the PDF again.

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