How can I install the first scanner in HP Deskjet 2636?

  • Search for customer support, search and download your printer.
  • Install the HP Scan and maintain the scanner glass document.
  • If the printer has a scan button, wait until the scan is finished.
  • Click on the scan file in their name.
  • Search HP windows and choose
  • Select the choice provided Scan to open the HP scan file.
  • Modify the modifications required and click OK or save.

HP Deskjet 2636-How do I access the computer to scan files or pictures?

  • Please move to customer assistance and enter the printer model and click download.
  • Install the HP Scan option.
  • Keep the item on the glass of the Scanner.
  • Look for Windows and choose your setup printer
  • HP Printer Wizard opens and selects Scan document or picture
  • Now HP scanning is opened, the scan shortcut is selected, work settings are modified, and then the scan is clicked.

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