How is HP Smart App scanned on HP Tango Printer ?

How is HP Smart App scanned on HP Tango Printer ?

HP SMART APP setting for Hp Tango X Smart Home Printer 

  1. Open the HP Smart application. The HP Smart app can be used to print, scan, copy and fix problems.
  2. Choose the Scan option. Tap the button of the Camera.
  3. Place in front of the camera a file, text or picture.
  4. To capture an image, click or tap the round button at the bottom of the screen.
  5. If needed, change boundaries. Confirm changes and press the button Apply.
  6. You can also alter other print settings. To add more documents or photos, click Add Pages option.
  7. Double-click Edit, switch, change contrast, saturation, luminosity, or angle choice to rotate.
  8. Choose the form of folder and save the changes. Tap on the button Save.
  9. Click the Sharing icon if you want to sharing your message, photo, or documents.
  10. It sounds very exciting to learn that Tango X printers can scan from your Android or iOS phone.
  11. Open the HP SMART APP software.
  12. If you need to change to a different printer, click the Plus button. A new printer can be added.
  13. Choose the Scan option and open your Android screen. Your image or file will be checked with the camera.
  14. Settings are changed and settings are saved.

How can’t I connect HP Tango X to HP Smart App?

  1. Test if your HP Tango X printer has the HP Smart App feature.
  2. Click the Add Printer button to add your printer. If the printer is not available, the HP Smart software will be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  3. Link the printer to a secure network.
  4. Make sure you don’t shut off your mobile device while you’re updating.
  5. The AirPlane mode is important to be disabled on your smartphone.
  6. See the user manual for further guidance.

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