How to Print & Fax with hp Envy 7645 Printer ?

How to Print & Fax with hp Envy 7645 Printer ?

How to Print HP Envy 7645?

  1. Place the file to be scanned on the printer scanner panel.
  2. Tap Print, Copy or Paste Picture on the printer front board.
  3. Go to Settings and, if necessary, set copy configurations.
  4. Tap Start or return to the main screen.
  5. To start copying your file, click Start Black, Start Color, or OK.

How do I print HP Envy 7645 Printer photos?

  1. Follow the next steps on how to print images on a Windows machine printer.
  2. Remove the paper from the printer input tray if any.
  3. Place in the input tray enough image plates.
  4. Make sure your HP Envy 7645 configuration printer & computer is connected.
  5. Right-click the image to print.
  6. With— > Windows Photo Viewer press Open.
  7. If required, customize print settings.
  8. Tap Print, press OK.

How to print HP Envy 7645 fax?

  1. First, tell your recipient that you send a fax.
  2. Load the folder you need to fax on the printer’s automatic document feeder (ADF) glass or scanner screen.
  3. Verify that the printer output tray is filled with correct paper.
  4. Enter the fax number of the receiver including the area code on the HP Envy 7645 Setup printer control panel.
  5. To begin sending your file, click the Black, Color, or Send button.


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