How to print from iphone to HP printer

In this article, Users can see the several techniques involved in Setup HP Printer to smart devices such as iPods, tablets, and iPhones. Nowadays most of the peoples prefer the method of printing through the iPhones and iPods to other techniques. It helps users to print all the photos and documents safely and securely from any time and anywhere. There are two different techniques available to set up a hp printer for iPhone. Here we can see those two techniques of connection in detail.

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer With Airprint

To Setup, HP Airprint is one of the default techniques used to print documents and photos using the HP printer. This technique is developed by Apple for their Android devices. Presently we can see several steps for How to set up an HP printer on iPhone.

Setting up the Network Connection: For connecting the HP printer and the Apple device using the AirPrint techniques follow the steps given below:

  • On the wi-fi on the apple device and verify whether there is a tick mark opposite the name of your wifi network
  • In case, you are attached to the other network cancel it and choose the name of your wireless network.
  • Connect the HP printer to the network. For the printer with the press screen, the control panel touches the wireless icon or opens the network setting or setup list to view the network connection status of the printer.
  • How to print from iPhone to hp printer, HP printers without a control panel click on the wireless button and the information switch at the same time or touch the wireless and start copy black buttons at the same. The wireless test report will be printed to know the status.
  • Do the following based on the link status based on printer connection. If it is linked to the network then follow the step to connect from the system.
  • If the connection is not set next, follow the steps given below.
  • First of all Connect the printer to the network with a press screen control panel by opening the setup, network, or wireless list and then choose the wireless setup wizard. Then follow the on-screen guidance to complete the connection process.
  • Without pressing the screen control panel tap on the WPS switch on the printer within two hours to install the network connection on the printer.
  • The light on the printer stops shining when the connection is placed.

How To Print From iPhone To HP Printer Without Airprint

The best characteristic of the Apple system is the ability to print reports directly from your iPhone, by working with an AirPrint suitable printer. Not everyone has the AirPrint suitable printer. We can also print without the Airprint choice. You are watching for How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer Without Airprint? Here is the guidance that is given below to simply How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer.

Quick Steps How To Print From iPhone To Computer Without AirPrint

  1. Connect the iPhone to your PC, and tap the Trust choice on the iPhone to let this computer.
  2. Select the levels you don’t want to export from the how-to print from iPhone to the machine. To save the iPhone messages to the computer, tap the option More and choose Messages.
  3. Tap the folder icon and choose the folder to store the messages conveyed. Tap Transfer to begin exporting messages from the iPhone to the computer.
  4. Wait until the message is conveyed, then save those files in HTML format on your PC.
  5. To print those saved messages, you want to open the messages with a browser as those files are saved in HTML format.
  6. To do that, right-tap the message you need to print, and open with Google Chrome.
  7. Tap the three dots in the Google window and next tap Print.
  8. Set up the printing setting according to your preference, then tap Print to start to print from the iPhone.

How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer using Email

 People are not the only ones that have an email id. With the HP Smart application HP ePrint, you can print documents up to 10Mb entire by sending email additions to the ePrint email address. This is a secure cloud-based service that lets the print from anywhere with an active Internet link.

Supported file types of HP email Print: Ms. Word/PowerPoint presentation/Outlook, image file (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF), Adobe Acrobat files (PDF), Text file, an HTML file.

Step 1: Allow Web Services on the printer and connect your printer to HP Smart App to get your printer’s email id.

Step 2: Type your ePrint address in the To: field.

Step 3: Add files as attachments that you would want to print.

Step 4: Send the email.

Print by email with HP ePrint is as simple as forwarding your message to your printer’s email id. No special driver is needed. You can also make your personalized memorable printer id by logging in to your HP Smart account

How to Print from iPhone using HP Smart App

HP Smart is HP’s established app for their HP printer models. Go to the company website to download and install it either on the iPhone or your computer. Here we work on the HP Smart App for iPhone

  • Step 1: Download and install your HP Smart app, and launch it.
  • Step 2: Choose files to print. Click Print Photos or Print Documents.
  • Step 3: Click Print.

Here we show five ways how to print from an iPhone/iPad to an HP to print from iPhone. Besides some of the HP printers have touchscreens and you can also simply set your printer. From the below image, the screen displays this HP printer is connected to the wireless network, Wi-Fi Direct is on, and Web Service of email Print is also switched on. To print the printer status report, press and hold the Cancel switch for 3 seconds.

How to Print from an HP Printer Without a Wireless Network

 With Wi-Fi Direct, you can print from the iPhone straight to the HP printer without linking to a wireless network.

Wi-Fi Direct is one of the purposes of HP Smart App settings. With the Wi-Fi Direct switched on, you will have a Wi-Fi name of your HP printer with a default password (12345678) or you can set the password from connection process> advanced setting

  • Step 1: Allow Wi-Fi Direct from HP Smart app driver on the computer.
  • Step 2: Link your iPhone with the printer’s Wi-Fi from settings->WLAN
  • Step 3: Choose photos, or documents on your iPhone, click Share->Print That’s it! Your email will be printed on your selected HP Printer.


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