How to scan with HP Deskjet 2636 Printer for MAC ?

How to scan with HP Deskjet 2636 Printer for MAC ?

How do I first set up a scanner in hp Deskjet 2636 For MAC?

  • Navigate to and install software for the HP Easy scan.
  • Place the Scanner glass document and close the lid.
  • Click on the scan option in the control panel.
  • Select your name and scan the work type of your hp Deskjet 2636 printer.
  • Wait until the scan is finished and return to your desktop.
  • The folder where the scan has been saved opens automatically.
  • To display the scan, select the file, with Scan in its name.

HP Deskjet 2636 – How can I scan Mac files or pictures?

  • The document must be maintained correctly on the scanner.
  • Find Mac and click on HP Easy Scan from the list.
  • Choose your printer from the list of scanners.
  • Click the sort of scan work in the presser menu and press on Scan.
  • Make necessary adjustments and click submit and select Folder. Folder.
  • Change the file name provided in the field prefix.

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