123.Hp.Com/DJ3755 Printer Scanner Setup

123.Hp.com/DJ3755 Printer Scanner Setup

123.Hp.Com/DJ3755 printer scanner initial setup

123 Hp DJ3755 printer Setup

How to scan a Document As Editable Text for 123.hp.com/Dj3755

123 Hp Com Deskjet 3755 Printer Setup

HP Deskjet 3755 Printed Related Setup

123.Hp.com/setup DJ3755 Printer Scanner Initial Setup

The setup for 123.hp.com/DJ3755 Printer is very simple and secure process, follow the given instruction, that is usefull  for safe installation.

123.Hp.com/DJ3755 Printer Setup First Time Setup

  1.  123 hp com DJ3755 needs initial setup and install like all other printer scanner. It can connection between printer and devices with  wired or wireless connection.
  2. It start from unbox the 123.Hp.Com/DJ3755 scanner to remove unwanted taps winded around it.
  3. Connect the power cord of the printer to power source electric board socket .
  4. Switch on the 123 Hp Com DJ3755 printer and from the control panel make the important changes and Install the hp ink cartridges in the ink slot .
  5. Load the paper on the tray and adjust the paper based on there size.
  6. Do not place more than 250 sheets.

123.Hp.com/Setup DJ3755 Printer scanner setup & installation

  1. 123 Hp com DJ3755  paper tray to feed enough paper in it.
  2. Place the ink cartridges in their respective slots.
  3. The 123.Hp.Com Hp printer scanner and computer should be connected to the active wire or wireless internet connection is depending on your convenience.
  4. Search hp official website for install 123.HP.Com/DJ3755 printer software for respective devices
  5. choose the suitable 123 hp deskjet  3755 scanner software driver and tap on Download.
  6. Then Run the software when the discourse box appears.

Hp com Setup 3755 Printer Scanner Setup

Before you scanning a documents into your devices with a 123.hp.com/setup dj3755 scanner, you need to install the 123.hp.com/DJ3755 driver so that your Printer and devices can communicate. Start by connecting the hp com setup 123 Hp Com DJ3755 printer to your devices with USB port.

123.hp.com/Deskjet 3755 printer setup Scan with a Computer device

123.HP.Com/DJ3755 Setup for WINDOWS  &  MAC

  1. Turn on 123.Hp.Com/Setup DJ3755 Printer.
  2.  Click New Hardware message, click Yes, This Time Only, and then click Next again. You only need to do this step automatically connect to Windows .
  3.  If you have a CD for 123.Hp.Com/DJ3755, insert it in your CD drive and click Next or search  for  your scanner driver software in website and install it for Windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 &  apple (ios)
  4. Tap Start→Control Panel and search scanners in search box.
  5. Click View Scanner and Camera link.
  6. Click Add Device button  and click next, then it displayed  The Deskjet 3755 Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard window .
  7. Tap a Manufacturer in the list on the left and then click a model in the list on the right HP deskjet 3755 printer.
  8. Choose the scanner model in the wizard window , whether you have a manufacturer’s disc or download software from the Internet by searching  which model Hp Com Deskjet 3755 you have.
  9. click Finish when you reach end of the wizard, now your 123 HP Com Deskjet 3755 printer scanner installation is completed

123.Hp.com/DJ3755 Printer Mobile Setup

Hp com mobile 123.HP.Com/Deskjet 3755 for ANDROID & IOS

  1. Install the  123 HP com DJ3755 Printer scanner app on your mobile running  Android or Apple iOS
  2. Go to hp official site on your concern device browser on your mobile phone or tablet and install the app
  3. Make sure your mobile phone is connected to wifi.
  4. Open the  123.hp.com/Deskjet 3755 scanner app and add your 123 hp deskjet 3755 printer scanner, in your mobile phone


  1. If your 123.Hp.com/setup DJ3755 printer displays in your mobile device, the continue to the next step.
        1. If your 123.HP.Com/DJ3755 printer is not displays In your mobile device, tap the Plus sign to select a printer in the list of found 123 hp dj 3755 scanner set up a new one, and then follow the general in onscreen instructions.

123.Hp.Com/DJ3755 - How to scan a Document As Editable Text

        When you scanning doc, you need to use the 123.hp.com/setup DJ3755 scan app setup to scan documents into a format that you can search, copy, paste, and edit. This permit you to edit a letters, a newspapers etc.,

123.Hp.com/setup Deskjet3755 scan & print Documents As Editable Text for Windows

  1. Place your scanning documents above the scanner glass.
  2. Open the 123.hp.com/Setup Deskjet 3755 printer software app.
  3. In the 123 Hp Deskjet 3755, tap  Scan a Document or Photo.
  4. Select Save as Editable Text.

123 Hp com DJ3755 printing & Scan a Documents As Editable Text for OS X

  1. Place your scanning documents above the scanner glass.
  2. Open 123.Hp.com/DJ3755 printer
  3. Tap Scan button. It appears requesting confirmation for your scanning device
  4. Follow the above instructions to complete the scan.
  5. When scanning is completed, select and Save from the File menu.
  6. Select the which type of file you want (tap editable text)
  7. And Click Save.

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