123 HP Envy 4514 Troubleshooting issues

This page is dedicated to HP envy 4514 troubleshooting problems and resolving them. Follow the guidance and make sure that you have made proper settings as given below.

  1. Verify whether the connections that are made in your PC and printer are secure. Secure connections are required to print.
  2. Then verify whether the printer is switched on. If not, turn it on to proceed with your printing. The ON switch will be lite white if your printer is switched on.
  3. Now make sure your printer is attached to a network and don’t forget to verify the status of the wireless light.
  4. If your printer is linked then a solid blue light will be lit and you can print.
  1. Then you notice a slow blinking light on the wireless status light, then it indicates that the printer is not connected to the network even though the wireless is turned on. Verify whether the printer is within the range of the router.
  2. Next, if you notice the light blinking at a faster rate then it indicates the wireless error. You can refer to the message on the printer display to verify the error.
  3. Then switch on the wireless if the wireless light is off. Try to print again.
  4. You can download the HP diagnostic tools from the website. The diagnostic tools will automatically detect the problem and try to troubleshoot the issue.

HP Envy 4514 Black Ink not working

  1. This HP Envy 4514 troubleshooting issue can be the result of the low ink cartridge, page smears, or cartridge jam.
  2. Click the Ink drop icon on the display panel of the printer.
  3. Now choose View Estimated Ink Level and verify if the level of ink in the black cartridge is adequate.
  4. If not, do not replace the cartridge.
  5. Verify whether the cartridge is properly placed.
  6. Open the entrance door of the printer.
  7. Verify if the carriage moves to the replacement position.
  8. Remove and reinsert the black cartridge from your printer.
  9. Choose Setup -> Tools -> OK.
  10. Choose Clean Print Cartridge and select OK.
  11. You can also perform the cleaning operation using the Printer Toolbox on the PC.




hp-envy-4513 not working

HP Envy 4514 Offline

HP Envy Offline printer

  1. Verify if the printer is connected to the PC properly.
  2. If linked via a wired connection, inspect the USB cord for any damage and replace it if required.
  3. Wiggle the ends of the cable to verify if there is loose contact.
  4. If you are connected wirelessly, verify if the router supplies stable internet flow. Switch off and turn on the Wireless feature of this printer.
  5. Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your PC.
  6. Select the tool and choose Start.
  7. The diagnostics begin and the troubleshooter commences.
  8. Make sure to connect the 123.hp.com/envy4514 printer and begin the setup method.
  9. Ascertain that the printer is set as default.

HP Envy 4514 Airprint not Working

  1. Verify if the printer supports AirPrint by referring to the manufacturer’s info.
  2. Make sure to commence the printer setup method properly.
  3. Enable the Bonjour setting on your printer and link via Apple AirPrint.
  4. Your PC and printer need to be attached to the same network.
  5. Switch off the Airplane Mode and switch on Bluetooth.
  6. Update your DNS settings and add another public DNS.
  7. Make sure to disable any Firewall while printing.

HP Envy 4514 Not Printing

  1. The Printer not printing HP Envy 4514 troubleshooting issue can be the result of an improper connection, paper jam, or printer setup.
  2. Verify if the connection between the printer and PC is proper.
  3. Open the cartridge access door, verify if the carriage moves properly.
  4. Inspect the carriage path for paper jams and other obstructions.
  5. Get the ink cartridge out of the 123.hp.com/envy4514 printer and inspect its contacts for damage.
  6. If damaged, replace it.
  7. Open the input and output plates of the device.
  8. Use a flashlight to verify for jammed paper in the rollers.
  9. If so, unscrew the input plate assembly and remove the jammed paper.


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