Hp envy 7645 printer installation

Hp envy 7645 printer installation

How to Install HP Envy 7645 Printer?

The printer performs functions such as print, scanning, copying, fax, and more. Configure the hardware and software after you buy the printer. Contact our technical support team to also provide feedback for HP Envy 7645 Setup.

  1. Once your HP Envy 7645 printer is purchased from the seller, make sure it is properly sealed.
  2. Ensure that the components of the printer are provided in the printer box.
  3. Place your printer on a flat surface from the bag.
  4. Remove from the printer the packaging tapes and protective covers.
  5. Take the power cable out of the printer bag.
  6. Link the printer and power supply to the cable.
  7. Fill the printer output tray with compatible paper.
  8. Discharge the ink cartridges in the bag.
  9. Place the cartridges in the correct holes.
  10. Install and release your electronic printer program.
  11. Connect the devices and complete the printer setup of HP Envy 7645.

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