With the aid of HP wireless direct, users can print wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or other wireless-enabled devices – without even connecting to an actual wireless network. You can control the wireless connection to your printer by utilizing the HP Envy Photo 7855 Wireless Printer Setup Wizard.

  1. Download the newest printer driver for your HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer from 123.hp.com/setup7855
  2. Touch the Wireless icon on the hp printer’s control panel.
  3. Click the button that is attached to the print settings.
  4. Click OK by scrolling the Wireless Setup Wizard. Presently, the wizard searches the list of obtainable networks.
  5. Verify if the name of your network is ready. If not, users can type the network manually.
  6. Scroll to typing New Network Name and then tap OK.
  7. Type your name and next touch OK.
  8. When asked, specify the WPA or WEP key.
  9. Tap OK to verify. Presently, the printer tries to connect to the network.


  1. A wireless 802.11/b/g/n network adds a WPS-allowed access point or router.
  2. A PC or laptop with a wireless network connection or network interface card (NIC).
  3. Your PC or laptop should be connected to your wireless network to which the printer is connected.


  1. Touch and hold the Wireless Button on the print for a few seconds to begin the WPS button. Presently, the wireless light rises flashing.
  2. Presently, press the (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) WPS button on your router.
  3. The printer will take a couple of times to install the wireless connection.


  1. On the control panel, touch the Wireless button to see the menu.
  2. If you see the printer in an error state or doing a task, wait till the printer completes the task and next touch the Wireless button.
  3. From the printer’s control panel display screen, select Settings.
  4. Presently, touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the list of choices ready.
  5. If you have a Push button on the wireless router, next tap the Push Button and then follow the guidance.
  6. If not, select a PIN and then follow the help shown on-screen.


Without connecting to a wireless network, one can print wirelessly with the aid of HP wireless direct in their HP Envy Photo 7855 wireless printer setup.

How to print from a wireless-capable PC (Windows) by utilizing an HP Envy Photo 7855 printer?

  1. Download the newest printer driver for your HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7855.
  2. Assure that the HP Wireless Direct choice is turned on.
  3. Presently, the Wi-Fi connection on your 123 HP printer needs to be turned on.
  4. From your PC, connect to a new network as you normally do.
  5. Select the wireless network you would connect to. (NOTE: Choose the name of your printer which will be posted as Hp-Print0**- HP ENVY XXXX.)
  6. When indicated, type the security code for the network.
  7. If your printer utilizes the network by a USB connection, next do the following.
  8. Based on the OS you do, do the following,
  9. Windows 8: Start – – > app bar – – > All Apps – – > Printer Name – – > Uses.
  10. Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP: Start – – > All Programs – – > HP – – > Printer Folder.
  11. Select Printer Setup & Software and then click on Connect a new printer.
  12. Choose the Wireless choice in the Connection choice dialog box. From the list shown, select the HP Envy photo 7855 wireless printer software.
  13. Presently, follow the on-screen guidance to finish the method.
  14. Print the report that you want to.

How to print from a wireless-capable PC (OS X) by utilizing an HP Envy Photo 7855 printer?

  1. Assure that your HP wireless direct is turned on.
  2. Turn on AirPort.
  3. Click on the AirPort icon, choose the HP Envy photo 7855 wireless printer direct name which is listed as HP-Print-**-ENVY XXXX.)
  4. Add your HP printer.
  5. Below the System Choices section, select Print & Scan, Print & Fax relying on the OS you work for.
  6. Choose the + (plus) symbol on the left-hand corner where the printers are placed.
  7. Click on the printer you need to do and then tap Add.

How to connect wirelessly to the HP Envy Photo 7855 printer without a router?

  1. Download the newest printer driver for your HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7855
  2. Turn on your wireless direct from your printer’s control panel.
  3. Press the Wireless Direct icon from the printer’s desktop.
  4. If the Wireless Direct setting is Off, select Settings.
  5. Go to Wireless Direct repeat, choose ON (No Security) or ON (With Security).
  6. If the Wireless Direct is turned on, next find the wireless direct and password.
  7. Tap on the wireless direct icon on the printer’s desktop.
  8. Choose Show Name to Show the wireless direct name.
  9. Select Display Password to select the password.
  10. Turn on your wireless connection from your PC or mobile device.
  11. Explore the printer you need and then relate it to the wireless direct name.
  12. If asked, type your Wireless Direct password.
  13. Try printing a report or images from the mobile or PC.

How to change from a USB connection to a wireless network in HP Envy Photo 7855 printer?

  1. Perform one of the following based on the OS you work on.
  2. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Start – – > All Programs – – > HP – – > Printer folder – – > Printer name.
  3. Windows 8: Start – – > app bar – – > All Apps – – > Folder with printer name.
  4. Select Printer Setup & Software.
  5. Click on Change a USB-connected printer to wireless.


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