123 HP LaserJet M102w Printer

Follow the below guide to set up your 123 HP LaserJet M102w Printer to the USB connection on your Windows PC. The below-provided step-by-step guidance is simple to follow. 

After setting up the USB connection, you want to download the printer software to finish the connection setup. Review the below-provide guidance and complete them to successfully connect your printer to the USB connection.

HP LaserJet M102w printer Requirements

You want to collect some of the needs that are mandatory to set up the network connection and install the software. The terms are used on the PC and printer.

Select your printer and PC in an available state. A USB cable with 3 meters in length is wanted. The USB center or the docking station should not be connected as it may start to be incapable of power resulting in the printer’s dysfunctionality.

The printer software should be uninstalled from the PC. The USB cable should be disconnected through the driver installation. The USB cable should not be connected until the installer helps you to do so. Search for Devices in Windows and tap the Devices and Printer in the search result list.

Tap Remove device and right-tap on your printer. Verify whether the printer icons in your PC systems are removed. The Devices and printer dialog box should be filled.

HP LaserJet M102w printer Software and driver

Download the 123.hp.com/ljM102w printer utilizing the HP Easy Start. Follow the guidance on the screen to finish the software and driver installation. The installation setup will be instructed by the HP Easy Start.

Visit the website 123 HP LaserJet M102w type your printer model number in the search box and tap Search. Download the full characteristic driver or primary driver from the site equally. Follow the onscreen guidance after tapping Download. Ensure the OS found by the website is right after verifying the system suitably.

Download hp.support.com if the download fails or your printer is not listed on 123 HP LaserJet M102w. Type your printer model number and tap Enter. Choose the software and drivers tab on the webpage and tap Download. The downloaded file should be executed and the USB connection should be chosen when helped to choose the printer connection and complete the setup.

123.hp.com/laserjet-M102w – HP LaserJet M102w Wireless Printer Setup and Install

First-time printer setup

Step 1: Remove your printer from the packaging and prepare the cartridge and access area. Remove all the strips, stickers, and packing materials from your printer.

  1. Open the scanner device first and then open the first rid.
  2. Remove the shielding foam from the color cartridge access area.
  3. Remove the color cartridge, and next set it aside.
  4. Hold the color cartridge on both sides, and then smoothly rock it back and forward to give the color.
  5. Pull the orange tab on to remove the sealing strip from the color cartridge.
  6. Arrange the color cartridge with the tracks given inside the printer
  7. Push the color cartridge till it is a tight seat.
  8. Close the top cover, and then close the scanner device.

Step 2: Part plain U.S. letter or A4-sized papers in the input plate.

  1. Push it in the input plate until it taps into place.
  2. Slide in the paper models until they rest on the edges of the paper.

Step 3: Connect the power cord to the back of your printer, and then plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical socket and turn on your printer.

Step 4: To set your language choice, on the printer’s control panel, press the setup button and then touch OK.

  1. You can presently Select Language, and then touch OK.

Step 5: Install the printer software

  1. Download the newest version of the printing software from 123 HP LaserJet M102w, and then follow the onscreen guidance to install the software.

HP LaserJet M102w Cloud Print

As a service, Google Cloud Print enables you to print the report from any network-allowed device to your HP LaserJet M102w printer. No software or driver download is needed for this characteristic.

To enable Cloud Print

  1. Verify if your PC has standard browsers and OS installed such as Chrome, OS X v10.7, Linux, Windows XP, or newer
  2. Perform a Google account
  3. Assure that the printer is connected to the related network as your device
  4. Switch the HP LaserJet M102w printer on
  5. Sign in to your Google account from the Chrome browser
  6. Choose Show Advanced Settings in the Settings window
  7. In the Manage, button choose Google Cloud Print
  8. You can Register your device below New devices, where your 123 HP LaserJet M102w printer will be listed
  9. In a different case, the printer may also be listed below My devices in which case you just have to select Manage

To Print a document

  1. Open the Chrome browser and Sign in to your Google account
  2. Tap on Print in the Google Cloud Print Jobs
  3. Then tap on Select a file from my computer below Upload a file to Print
  4. Open the report that you want to print and tap on the print command

HP LaserJet M102w Printer Setup

  1. Once the hardware is setup for printing, the software has to be installed
  2. The printer software for the HP LaserJet Pro printer setup is ready at 123 HP LaserJet M102w.
  3. On 123.hp.com/hp-laserjet-pro-m102w all you have to do is tap on 123 HP LaserJet M102w download/ and the page will be redirected to the proper download page.

HP LaserJet M102w Support & Userguide

HP ePrint Setup (123 HP LaserJet M102w)

  1. The 123 HP LaserJet M102w ePrint is a service that enables printing from any location to your printer.
  2. An email is sent to the email id assigned to the printer that will allow the web printing services.
  3. No drivers or software is needed
  4. With 123 HP LaserJet M102w installing the web services gives the user mobile printing.
  5. The characteristic enables you to sign in and view the print job status, manage the printer file, and control the user’s way to the printing.

To set up the 123.hp.com/hp-laserjet-m102w ePrint

Connect the computer or mobile device to the internet

Enable Web Services on the HP printer at 123 HP LaserJet M102w

  • Touch the ePrint button on the printer’s control panel
  • Agree on the terms and conditions for use
  • To allow the web services, follow the on-screen guidance to set up on 123.hp.com/ljM102w
  • Print a test page

To find the printer’s email address in 123.hp.com/hp-laserjet-m102w

  • Touch the ePrint button
  • In the Web Services, Settings menu choose Display Email Address

Customizing the email address for the 123.hp.com/setup

  • Choose the Web Services Settings menu
  • Select Print Info Page – this prints an information page containing the printer code and customization guidance

Turning off ePrint

To switch off ePrint – From the Web Services Settings menu, choose ePrint and next Off


The 123 HP LaserJet M102w AirPrint™ is a mobile printing solution suitable with Apple iOS and later OS.

Wireless printing can be performed from the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to any HP ePrint-allowed printer such as 123 HP LaserJet M102w.

AirPrint™ Setup

The 123 HP LaserJet M102w AirPrint™ is a mobile printing solution suitable with Apple iOS and later OS.

Wireless printing can be performed from the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to any HP ePrint-allowed printer such as 123 HP LaserJet M102w.

List of suitable devices

Check the suitability of the AirPrint™ to the 123 HP LaserJet M102w

To use AirPrint™ it is first necessary to

  • Apple devices should be allowed to use AirPrint™
  • Mac OS X Lion (v1.07)
  • iOS 4.2
  • iPhone® 3GS
  • iPad and iPad Touch® third generation

List of suitable applications for iOS devices for AirPrint™

Mail, photos, PDFs, SAFARI, and third-party apps

To check applications for suitability with the Apple AirPrint™ click on AirPrint™ suitable Mobile Application

Check firmware suitability

For AirPrint™ availability on Firmware

Verify Installed Personalities and Choices to verify if AirPrint™ is listed


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