HP LaserJet P2035 Printer Install

First Time Setting Up 123 Hp laserjet P2035 Setup

  1. Choose a well-ventilated, dust-free area to put the device. Do not place the device in direct sunlight or in an environment where temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius to 32.5 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit to 91 degrees Fahrenheit). You can now open the system
  2. Open the MFP and remove the packaging around it along with the shipping strip.
  3. Raise the scanner cover, remove the foam and unlock your scanner.
  4. Remove the color cartridge from its packaging.
  5. Open the cartridge door and install the cartridge.
  6. Open plate 2, remove the cardboard, and arrange the paper guide widths.
  7. Place the print media and close plate 2.
  8. Connect the network cable to the system.
  9. Plugin the power cord and turn on your device

Follow on-screen control panel guidance to

To modify media size or plate type

To find the IP address

To Install the software

  1. Insert the CD that came with your printer.
  2. On the welcome screen, tap Install Printer.
  3. Follow the on-screen guidance when the Setup Wizard looks
  4. For a USB installation connect the USB cable only when helped by the software.
  5. Tap on Complete and restart the PC.
  6. To Test the software installation.
  7. Print a page from any program to assure that the software is installed.

HP LaserJet P2035 Google Cloud Print

As a service, Google Cloud Print enables you to print reports from any network-allowed device to your HP LaserJet P2035 printer. No software or driver download is needed for these characteristics.

To enable Cloud Print

  • Verify if your PC has standard browsers and OS installed such as Chrome, OS X v10.7, Linux, Windows XP, or newer
  • Create a Google account
  • Assure that the printer is connected to the related network as your device
  • Switch the HP LaserJet P2035 printer on
  • Sign in to your Google account from the Chrome browser
  • Choose Show Advanced Settings in the Settings window
  • In the Manage, button choose Google Cloud Print
  • You can Register your device below New devices, where your HP LaserJet P2035 printer will be listed.
  • In another case, the printer may also be listed below My devices in which case you just have to select Manage

HP LaserJet P2035 Printer Installation

  • Once the hardware is set up for printing, the software has to be installed.
  • The printer software for the HP LaserJet printer setup is ready at 123.hp.com/ljP2035.
  • On 123 Hp laserjet P2035, all you have to do is tap on https://hpscans.com/hp-laserjet-p2035-printer/ and the page will be redirected to the appropriate download page.

To Print a document

  • Open the Chrome browser and Sign in to your Google account
  • Tap on Print in the Google Cloud Print Jobs
  • Next tap on Select a file from my PC below Upload a file to Print
  • Open the report that you want to print and tap on the print command

HP LaserJet P2035 Smartphone Setup

HP LaserJet P2035 ePrint Setup

  • The 123 Hp laserjet P2035 ePrint is a service that enables printing from any place to your printer.
  • An email is sent to the email id allocated to the printer that will allow the web printing services.
  • No drivers or software is needed.
  • With 123.hp.com/ljP2035, installing the web services gives the user mobile printing.
  • The characteristic allows you to sign in and view the print job status, manage the Hp printer file, and control user access to the printing.

HP LaserJet P2035 ePrint

Connect the computer or mobile device to the internet

Enable Web Services on the HP printer at 123 Hp laserjet P2035

  • Touch the ePrint button on the printer’s control panel
  • Agree on the terms and conditions for use
  • To allow the web services, follow the on-screen guidance to set up on 123 Hp laserjet P2035
  • Print a test page

Customizing the email id for the 123.hp.com/setup

  • Choose the Web Services Settings menu
  • Select Print Info Page – this prints an information page holding the printer code and customization guidance

To find the printer’s email address in 123 Hp laserjet P2035

  • Touch the ePrint button
  • In the Web Services, Settings menu choose Display Email id

Turning off ePrint

  • To switch off ePrint
  • From the Web Services Settings menu
  • choose eprint and next Off

Hp Laserjet P2035 printer or 123.hp.com/hp-laserjet-p2035

HP LaserJet P2035 AirPrint™ Setup

The 123 Hp laserjet P2035 Airprint is a mobile printing solution suitable with Apple iOS and later OS.
Wireless printing can be accomplished from the iPod, iPhone, and iPad to any HP ePrint-enabled printer such as 123 Hp laserjet Printer Setup.
To use AirPrint™ it is first important to:

Check the suitability of the AirPrint™ to the 123 Hp laserjet P2035

List of suitable devices

  • Apple device should be ready to use AirPrint™
  • Mac OS X Lion (v1.07)
  • iOS 4.2
  • iPhone® 3GS
  • iPad and iPad Touch® third generation

List of suitable applications for iOS devices for AirPrint™

Mail, photos, PDFs, SAFARI, and third-party applications

For AirPrint™ availability on Firmware

  • Tap Installed Personalities and Choice to verify if AirPrint™ is listed.
  • If yes, Skip to Connect the Apple device to the related wireless network as the printer.


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