123.hp.com/setup P1108 - HP LaserJet Pro p1108 Printer Installation setup

The HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer is a laser printer. Control panel created in an easy method to support the users. One can use the printer for both office and home use. This valuable printer can make professional-quality prints. And the small printer saves more space. The printer 123.hp.com/setupp1108 is suitable with windows OS such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The Mac OS such as 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 are suitable with the HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer. This monochrome printer has manual duplex printing and supports USB connectivity. You can simply download the printer software from the software CD that came along with your printer package. When you lost the CD or want to update to the newest software version go to HP Laserjet pro P1108 enter the printer name and series number to download. The HP LaserJet Pro printer has Instant-on, Auto-On, and Auto-Off technology which decreases energy usage.

Open to setup - 123.hp.com/setup HP LaserJet pro p1108 printer

Once you know the printer box choose a knife to cut your printer package. Then remove your printer package. Inside the package, you can find printer texts along with printer software installation CDs. The installation CD includes the printer software. Download the related from 123.hp.com/setup p1108. There will be a power cord and fax cable. Switch your printer box and rest the box sideward on an even outside. Presently take the printer out of the package. Then, remove all the printer packaging materials around your printer. Then open the paper input plate and stretch the paper extender. Remove any printing papers inside the paper feeder and plug the printer in the power description. Follow the on-screen guidelines to set up the printer and begin printing with HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer

123.hp.com/setup p1108 - Wireless network setup

  • Initially, get your printer PC, and modem available. Go to your PC and open the web browser. And type 123.hp.com/ljprop1108. On the install printer page tap download. The file gets downloaded to the PC.
  • Presently open the downloaded file. You can see the HP Easy Start window opens. Next Ready to set up your printer page displays tap continue. Agree to all the terms and conditions. Presently tap continue.
  • In the following Printer found page verify if your printer name looks next tap continue. If you don’t tap my printer is not displayed. Then follow the on-screen guidance. The installer now searches for the ready software for your printer.
  • In the select printer page, choose your printer name and tap continue. If you don’t find your HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer name tap my printer is not displayed choice. Next, try a different choice to connect your printer with the network.
  • In the connection, the method page selects a wireless network, and the tap continues. Next, choose LaserJet in the printer type, tap continues. On the next page select the printer without a touchscreen control panel. Presently the software helps you to connect the USB cable briefly with the printer and the PC. Do the same.
  • Then on the Wireless Network Setup page type the wireless password and tap continue. Presently the Wi-Fi settings get saved in your printer. After that verify if the printer found page gives your printer name and tap continue.
  • Once the setup is over remove the USB cable. Here comes the Select your software page. Here choose the Full software and driver package from the given choices. The next tap continues.
  • Lastly, the software gets selection and started on the PC. Still having doubts and queries visit 123.hp.com/setup p1108 for definitions.

HP LaserJet Pro p1108 Wireless network setup in Mac OS

  1. First, we have to connect the Mac PC with your wireless network. Then on your PC go to the web browser and type 123.hp.com/setup p1108.
  2. The HP Easy Start makes downloaded to your machine. Open the downloaded file. And tap Set up my HP HP LaserJet Pro p1108 product.
  3. Then in the agreements and settings window read and allow the check box. The next click continues. After that, the connect screen opens. On that page select your printer name. And tap Continue.
  4. Presently check the printer name and wireless network name below the printer and Wi-Fi images. After that tap join.
  5. Select After that follow the on-screen guidance to complete the setup method. On giving the postal code and tapping continue the software gets placed. Following the status alert, the page comes to select your check box after reading the guidance and tap continue.
  6. Next on the Enable Wi-Fi Direct page type a passphrase and tap continue.
  7. Then tap Add Device in the Add and check Your Device. Next in the Test Page tap Print Test Page and tap continue.
  8. Lastly, tap Continue. The window displays printer setup is a full message. You can download the newest version of your printer software from 123.hp.com/ljprop1108.

Steps to replace the toner cartridge

  • Step 1: Steps to replace the toner cartridge123.hp.com/setup p1108: On running with HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer you may take the toner cartridge is a low message from the printer display. In that time follow the later steps to install a new one.
  • Step 2: The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that don’t remove the toner till you get all the arrangements. Presently open the toner access door and take the manager over the color case to raise it from the slot.
  • Step 3: Next, open the new color box you can see a cover including a new piece. Open the cover by pulling the release tab carefully. You can use the old one for recycling. After that little bit shake the toner back and forth for the even pattern of the toner.
  • Step 4: Next, don’t touch the photo drum at the bottom of the toner. Presently insert the toner cartridge into the slot and close the access door. You can continue printing once you get the success message showing Original HP installed.

Printer Connection problem- 123.hp.com/setup p1108

  • Initially, remove all the radioactive materials near your 123.hp.com/ljprop1108 printer.
  • Objects such as metal cases, refrigerators, mobile phones, and sometimes microwave ovens can too render the signals. Then, the important thing to verify is your firewall setting.
  • In the setting support your HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer. Next, go to your router and verify if it has full speed and is set within the coverage area. Try restarting your router, machine, and printer.
  • In your PC verify if the wireless light is constant and print the network info page which includes the network name.
  • Presently ensure the printer is connected to the same wireless network to prevent network problems. Install the printer software from 123.hp.com/ljprop1108 and open Wireless Setup Wizard. Run the tool to diagnose the error.

Mistaken Network Configuration

  • For that, you have to do a factory reset from the EWS page. First, print the network configuration page from your printer. Next, note down the IP address and type the same in the web browser, and tap enter.
  • Then press and hold the cancel button until the available light starts flashing. After that release the cancel button.
  • Go to the web browser and type the IP address tap enter. You can see the Embedded Web Server(EWS) page opens.
  • There may be a warning message. Provide permission the file won’t harm your machine. Then, go to the settings tab. Then choose the settings tab and select Restore Factory Settings. And you can see the HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer makes a restart.

123.hp.com/setup p1108 - Tips to clean the HP LaserJet Pro Printers

  1. Do wet cloths to clean the printer outside don’t use dust cloth to do the cleaning. First power off your HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer and plug it out from the power supply to start the cleaning method.
  2. You can use cleaning alcohol to clean the roller that picks up the paper. Remove the roller from the slot and clean to remove any dust or ruins. Then reinstall the roller.
  3. Next, we are going to clean the ink cartridge access area. For that open the cartridge access area and remove the cartridge.
  4. For security, purpose covers the cartridge with covered to limit damage from the light. Don’t touch the sponge-like material inside the cartridge area which can damage the product.
  5. After cleaning the area with a soft lint-free cloth reinstall the cartridge and close the cartridge access door.
  6. If the print output includes dots and streaks try cleaning the paper way. Start don’t use bond paper which also makes poor output quality. For that power on the 123.hp.com/ljprop1108 printer and ensure the HP LaserJet Pro p1108 printer is idle with the available light is on.
  7. Then load the paper input plate with paper and open the printer properties. Go to System Settings.
  8. Then in the cleaning page area tap to start the cleaning process. The process can take some minutes.
  9. Once the paper prints verify the print quality. If it still holds strips repeat the cleaning method. Do not switch off your printer in the middle of the cleaning method.


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