HP Printer is not found in Network Driver configuration

HP Printer is not found in Network Driver configuration

What to do if HP Printer is not found in the Network Driver configuration. 

Are you afraid that you can’t find it on your computer screen when you attempt to set up your HP printer in 123.hp.com’s steps? Make yourself confused and think about what to do next? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Take a look at the lines mentioned, as you can see the fixation of such a problem.
  •       Restart Computer, Printer, and Router: First, the energy cord has to be disconnected from a router and your HP printer is turned off. Close all the programs, reconnect the energy cord to the router and switch the printer on and switch the laptop on as well. After that, the HP driver should be installed again.
  •       Check the connection status of the Network and Printer: ensure that your HP Printer is ready for configuration and is not connected to a guest network. Check your network link status as well as the printer.
  •       Run HP Print And Scan Doctor: HP Print and scan doctor for identification and termination of issues with printing and scanning. But you must download it to your computer. Once finished, begin and click on my item and then click’ Retry.’ Choose your printer and follow the directions provided.
  •       Uninstall and reinstall HP Software once again: disconnect your USB cable from the printer and open the Control Panel on your computer. Click on the option Programs and Features and then pick Uninstall. Follow the other measures on the screen and restart your machine. You can now visit the HP scans website and reinstall the software.

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