HP Printer Windows Image Acquisition Driver Setup

Windows Image Acquisition Driver & WIA Driver Download Setup for Hp Printer

Unfortunately, it is not effective when you attempt to use your scanner on the Windows operating system. You see an mistake that says that you need a WIA driver to use this machine. You may be confused and unable to fix this issue at all. Don’t worry. This is a issue that is precisely easy to resolve.

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What's the Driver WIA'?

WIA, Windows Image Acquisition, is a Windows ME model driver. A WIA driver can communicate with graphics software like Windows Scanner and Photoshop such as a scanner.

If there is a missing WIA driver, ancient or inconsistent, you might get the mistake “You need a WIA driver to use this machine.”  Follow the guide below to install the recent WIA driver to resolve the issue for your scanner.

Fixes for 'you require a WIA driver to use this machine':

You can manually install your WIA driver, which takes your time, patience and computer technique.


you can also use Driver Easy to assist you automatically locate and install the WIA driver.

1.    Manually install a Windows Image Acquisition  driver scanner.

         2.    Automatically install a Windows Image Acquisition driver scanner.

Windows Image Acquisition 

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hpscans WIA setup for hp printer

Method 1: Manually Install WIA driver scanner

  • As the error message says, the WIA driver can be installed on the CD or website of the manufacturer.
  • When you purchased your installation CD always comes together with your scanner. Insert it into your desktop and obey the directions on the screen.
  • Don’t care if you lose your CD. You can download the driver from the website of your manufacturer, such as HP, Canon, KODAK.
  1. Go to the driver download page, generally found on your manufacturer website’s Support Section.
  2. Your product model needs to be entered. You would also be told to pick your operating system on Windows.
  3. Download the driver of the scanner.
  4. Reboot your Windows and attempt to see if it succeeds in scanning your files.

Method 2: Automatically install a WIA driver scanner

  • If you are not confident about manually downloading or updating drivers, let Driver Easy assist. You can say farewell to driver headache and delays forever with his assistance.
  • Driver Easy recognizes your system automatically and finds the right drivers for it. You don’t have to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver and don’t have to worry if you make a mistake.
  1. Download Driver Easy and install it. Run it on your Windows then.
  2. Click the Scan Now button.  All your computer driver issues would be identified in less than 1 minute. No exception is your scanner driver.
  3. If you are trying Free version, press Update next to the driver of the scanner and install the right driver version. Or, for a Pro version, click Update All for the right version of all drivers missing or out of date on your system to download and install automatically.
  4. Reboot the Windows and attempt to scan your files to see if it succeeds. (You are to get complete assistance and a 30-day cash back guarantee for the Pro version.)

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