HP Scan to computer

Learn how to set up HP Scan to PC on an HP printer using the following instructions. You can use scan software or use EWS to scan on the computer. To perform any scan operations, first set up the HP printer. The quick steps provided here are educational to set up a computer scan.

How Do I Scan From My HP Printer to My Computer?

  • Most HP printers have the same scanning buttons, so it doesn’t matter what type of HP printer you have. The HP software CD must first be loaded into your HP computer. 
  • From faxing and scanning to copying and printing, HP printers have a variety to choose from. Scanners can read any type of 2D image and add photos or drawings. Once the file is scanned, you can send it directly to your desktop computer or another folder on your computer. Most HP printers have corresponding scanning buttons, so it doesn’t matter what kind of HP printer you have. You must first put the HP software CD into your computer.

Quick And Simple Steps To HP Scan to Computer

  • Install the full-characterized driver on your HP SCAN TO COMPUTER.
  • Set up your HP printer on a network and launch the printer driver.
  • Support the original report on the scanner glass.
  • Apply the following menu Scan a Report or images.
  • Choose the variety of scans and then click Scan again.
  • Apply Save as PDF selection and tap on it to save the report.
  • Choose Save as a JPG choice if you scanned a picture file.
  • Enable the Show Viewer After Scan choice to preview the report.

Steps To Setup Your HP Printer To Scan To Windows And Mac Computer

Setup Your HP Printer To Scan To Mac Computer

  • HP printers can scan to Mac OS by installing the printer driver on your computer. If you install the full-featured software, it adds the scanning software. Applications can also be downloaded.
  • The Mac PC connected to your printer was scanned with HP Scan software and Apple Image was clicked. Apple imaged applications can be downloaded from the Apple Store. Using this software, you can change the scan settings and set the location to save the scanned reports. Once all requirements are met, start scanning.
  • Load an image or report on the scanner glass. Touch the Scan button or click the Scan option (if the control panel is a touchscreen) and the form will be active. Select your HP printer from the Scanner Setup drop-down list.
  • You can select the job type from the Presets menu. The scanned report will be displayed on the Mac screen and you can edit it. You can customize the colors, change the size and straighten the scan. Select Send Status and select a file location to save the file.

Setup Your HP Printer To Scan To Windows

  • To scan a Windows computer, follow the procedure below. Open the HP printer software on the computer.
  • To scan a Windows computer, follow the procedure below. Open the HP printer software on the computer.
  • Select Save as PDF to save images or reports in PDF format. To save in photo format, save as JPEG.
  • The PC shows you the scanned item and you can edit them if needed. Enable the Visual Viewer after the Scan option to preview the report before saving them.
  • If the scan doesn’t work and starts some problems, do troubleshooting tools. You can solve the scan problem with the HP Print and Scan Doctor application.
  • Applications can be downloaded online. Find HPPSdr.exe file from the download folder and run the same.

Select the startup option when the application starts and select HP from the list. If you can’t find your printer in the list, try again. Select Fix Scanning. The application detects the problem and displays a report. If a problem needs attention, Scan Doctor helps you with possible solutions.

HP Printer is Printing but it is not Scanning

Sometimes your HP computer prints but does not scan. Your printer has worked fine in the past and is experiencing current problems while scanning. Many times, problems occur while scanning the computer. These problems may be specific to scanning the computer. Therefore, you should try to scan the computer “from” once.

The primary error message says that you are not connected to the Internet. On checking it was not the case. Additionally, if you reconnect all the printer connections, the same problem exists. What to do then?

In some cases, a “Paper Out” error is displayed when there is too much paper inside the printer. Because the HP Scan setting on the computer is disabled, scanning to the printer on the computer may not work. The other reason behind the scan process is that the complete drivers are not installed on the computer.

In such a scenario, first, try to allow the hp scan to the computer setting by following the provided steps:

  • Initially, open the Finder – Applications choice.
  • Next, go to HP / Hewlett Packard – Envy 5660
  • Next, open and find out the HP use option.
  • Then, find the Scan/HP scan to computer choice inside that user. Please assure that the HP Scan to Computer setting is enabled.
  • Lastly, save your done settings. Next, restart both the computer & printer and try to scan again utilizing an HP printer.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor

Reinstallation Steps

But if the above steps don’t help you with scanning, follow the steps here and reinstall the printer drivers. If an HP printer prints but doesn’t scan, drivers may be a potential problem. Steps to reinstall:

  • In the first step, uninstall the old printer drivers installed on your PC.
  • Next, run the Apple Software Update. After the driver and software update, restart your PC and printer device.
  • Next, tap“System Preferences” inside the menu of the Apple menu icon and select the “Printers and Scanner” choice.
  • Then, right-click the blank space displayed in the Printers list, and select “Reset printing system”.
  • Lastly, snap the “Reset” button in the confirmation window.
  • Fill up the admin username and password, and next select the “OK” button
  • Lastly, wait for the printing method to reset. No devices will display in the Printers list.
  • Presently, visit FTP hp.com to download and install the printer driver.
  • Below the “Add printer” window part, get to add the printer as given here:

Click the (+) “Add button” option. Search for your printer name from the printer list. Also, take the “Add” option to add your printer successfully. Finally, select the “Print Using…” option and then select your printer name (Airline Print is selected by default)

Steps to Uninstall Existing Printer Drivers

If the HP printer prints but does not scan, follow the steps to uninstall the old drivers. There are two techniques for this:

Applying HP Uninstaller

Typically, HP Uninstaller is installed with the first printer software installation. Tap on the Finder option in the dock. Then, click Applications and navigate to the HP or Hewlett-Packard folder.

  • If HP Uninstaller is present inside the folder, tap it and follow the on-screen guidance to uninstall the driver.
  • If HP Uninstaller is not now inside the folder, jump to the next step.
  • Drag the full HP or Hewlett Packard folder to Trash in the Dock.
  • Click Go to Folder on the menu bar and type /Library/Printers. Next, Click the Go button. This will open the Printers folder.
  • Finally, restart your Mac device.
  • Press Ctrl + Trash icon, and empty the Trash.

Utilizing HP Easy Start

You can download HP Easy Start for OS X 10.9 and newer versions. This software utility is used to uninstall your HP software.

  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup, and snap the Download choice.
  • Drive HP Easy Start from software downloads.
  • Click on File and subsequently Choose Uninstall HP Software from the menu.
  • Tap Continue after reading the information.
  • When helped, type your admin username and password.
  • HP Uninstaller will remove all current HP printer software if present.


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