Hp Scanner Driver Unfound or Invalid

Hp Scanner Driver Unfound or Invalid

Error: Driver Unfound or invalid Printer scanner driver

Try the measures below in order to solve the issue. Check whether the issue is solved after each step; if not, follow the next step.

    Check if your device is physically attached:

    Check for wires used to connect the scanner, e.g. USB cable, LAN cable, etc. Disconnect and reconnect the wires to ensure adequate links.

  • Ensure that the scanner is turned on and does not show an error message (if any). If the scanner is stuck or an error occurs, restart the scanner.

    Both TWAIN and WIA drivers can be mounted on Windows. Similarly, both TWAIN and ICA drivers are available for Macintosh. Try scanning with any alternative scanner driver (ICA, WIA or TWAIN) if one doesn’t operate.

On Windows: On the scanner selection screen in Acrobat select one TWAIN and WIA driver as shown in the screenshot below.

On Mac: On the scanner selection screen in Acrobat, select one of the TWAIN and ICA drivers as shown below.

Check if the scanner is working with any other implementation:

    Windows and Macintosh have some built-in and third-party apps with which you can attempt using the scanner:

  • For Windows, the free TWAIN scanner testing software is accessible. It is free of charge. Just download and install to see whether or not your device works.
  • For OS X, a pre-installed Image Capture Application Tool can be used to check whether or not the scanner is working.
  • Alternatively, if you have any other application that utilizes scan features installed, you may also use the same scanner to test the application.

If the scanner does not operate with any implementation it proves that the scanner does not function correctly and you can contact the manufacturer for the problem.

  • Restart Acrobat
  • Disabled start-up system restart

Some apps may cause system mistakes, or freeze when running Adobe Acrobat simultaneously. Uncheck other apps, including startup items (items that start automatically with Windows), before you start Acrobat.

To deactivate Windows startup products, please stop all apps.

  • Select Start > Run.
  • Type MSConfig into the Open box, then press OK.
  • Click the Start tab of the System Configuration Utility dialog box and then pick Disable All.
  • Click OK and start Windows again.

To reactivate the startup items,

  • Select Start > Run.
  • In the Systems Settings Utility dialog box, press the Start tab, then select Enable All.
  • Type MSConfig in the Open box and then click OK.
  • Click OK and start Windows again.

Install the latest scanner drivers, and then restart the system

If you are missing or damaging a TWAIN file, Acrobat returns an error message when you try to scan via the TWAIN interface, install the latest scan drivers and then restart the system.  The TWAIN file is replaced by reinstalling the scanner driver.

 To reinstall the driver, remove from Windows or Wins folder all files and folders beginning with Twain (for example, “Twain 32.dll”). Then restart Windows and install the latest scanner driver according to the instructions or steps of the manufacturer mentioned here.

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