HP Printer wifi Setup | HP Printer Wireless Setup

Steps for Adding HP Printer to a Wireless Network

hp printer wireless setup

  1. Assure that your PC and the wifi interface are agreeable with each other.
  2. Locate your HP Printer Driver Software.
  3. Tap on Software data. Next, it will open the Setup Method.
  4. Switch ON the Printer.
  5. Do follow the instructions until you reach the network.
  6. Choose the Network(Ethernet/wireless) button in the middle of the page.
  7. Click yes, send my wireless settings to the printer. This will send your wifi network information. to the printer by locating them.
  8. Be Tolerance until the Printer gets connected.
  9. Finish the Printer Wireless Setup Method.

HP Printer wifi Setup

HP Printer wifi Setup network is now preferable to a wired network connection. You can print a document from anywhere with the HP Printer wifi connection. To print a document, you do not have to hurry to the closest store. Use the wifi network instead and print your mobile device document. You are looking for wifi Internet access on the hp printer. The printer is connected to the wifi network by many technologies. Use the tips mentioned below to wifi link the printer and computer via HP Auto wifi connection Setup.

123 HP Printer wifi Setup for Windows

  1. Assure that the 123.hp.com/setup for windows Printer and its parts are connected with the PC, before Starting Printer wireless setup.
  2. You own the Good active Internet Association with network username, Wifi network password, and the PC should associate with the same network as your printer device connected.
  3. Switch the Printer ON. Attempt to locate the HP Printer and the PC as close to each other for a better Internet Association.
  4. Eliminate the Ethernet and USB cable of the Printer. Establish the Printer Driver program to HP printer wireless setup.
  5. Associate the USB cable after displaying help from the screen. It will assign some wireless data to the Printer.

hp printer wireless connection for windows

123 HP Printer wifi Setup | wireless Connection setup for MAC

hp wireless connection setup for MAC

  1. Ensure the Printer and PC are connected and all we want is a well-functioning Network connection, its SSID, and Password for HP Printer wireless setup establishment. The Mac device and the Printer should be associated closer to each other for better Interface Connection.
  2. Through Installation, the Device screen will help for USB Connection.
  3. Visit 123.hp.com/setup for driver installation by determining your product and printer model number in the file.
  4. Follow the ON-SCREEN Guidance to finish The HP wireless printer setup for MAC

How to find your Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 Password?

o Finish hp wireless setup, The WI-FI network password is Required. Locate your Password from the Wireless Router. The wifi network password is allowed by your Internet service providers (ISP) next you got Wireless Internet Connection Service. This password can be received by the wireless router. WPA2 Password, identified wireless key, security key, WEP key are used as your Password.

Furthermore, we are also ready to locate your Password from WINDOWS and MAC OS.

HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup - hp Wireless Setup

The WPS setup can be done by connecting the hp Printer Wirelessly both by the Pin method or Push Method. When Parallel to both, the Push process is the Easy one. let’s see how to connect the Printer utilizing the WPS Push process.

  1. Ensure The Printer and Wifi Router are agreeable with WPS Push Button mode For wireless setup.
  2. Choose the Router with WPS Push Button.
  3. The Wireless Network that you are Utilizing Should be utilized WPA or WPA2
  4. You Cannot utilize the WPS mode to Connect the Printer if WEP or Security is not ready.
  5. Allow the WPS Push Button mode on the wireless setup of the Printer.
  6. Next, wait a few seconds, click the WPS button on the Router.

HP Printer Auto Wireless Connect

Auto wireless Connect process makes the client able to connect the Printer Automatically with Wireless interface without Network SSID and Password. It doesn’t require any USB cable for connection.

  1. The Auto wireless Connect Setup can be utilized only after the installation of the Printer Program.
  2. PC which is agreeable with Auto wireless Connect only can utilize this facility and AWC is Suitable in Windows Vista or next version, Mac OS X 10.5 and Higher Version.
  3. The Wireless adapter has Control of both the OS and the Wireless Connection of the System.
  4. The PC should not utilize the Latent IP Address and the Wireless Network area have to be 2.4ghz and above.


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