Unrecognized scanner in Hp Printer

Unrecognized scanner in Hp Printer

Error: Unrecognized Hp printer & scanner

In order to solve the issue, attempt the measures below. Following every step, verify if the issue has been resolved; if not, follow the next step.

Check if the device is physically attached.

  1. Check for e.g. wires used to link the scanner for a USB cable, LAN cable, etc. To ensure that the connections are correct, disconnect and reconnect the wires.
  2. Make sure the scanner is on and no error message (if any) is displayed on the screen. If there is an error or if the scanner is stuck, restart the scanner.

    Both TWAIN and WIA drivers can be mounted on Windows. Similarly, both TWAIN and ICA drivers can be used by Macintosh. Try scanning with any other alternative scanner driver (ICA, WIA, or TWAIN) if you don’t operate.

Windows: On the scanner selection screen in Acrobat, select any of the TWAIN and WIA drivers as shown in the following screenshot.

On Mac: On Acrobat scanner choice, select one of the TWAIN and ICA drivers as shown in the screenshot below.

    Verify if the scanner is working with any other implementation:

  1.   Windows and Macintosh have certain built-in and third-party apps that can attempt using the scanner:
  2.     There is software known as WACKER for Windows, a free TWAIN Scanner Test utility. It is free of charge. Just download and install to see whether or not your scanner works.
  3.     For OS X, the Image Capture Application tool is pre-installed and can be used to check whether the scanner is working.
  4. Alternatively, if you have any other application that uses scan functionality installed, you can use the same scanner to test the application.

If the scanner does not operate with an implementation, it proves that the scanner does not function correctly and you can get in touch with the scanner supplier to deal with this problem.

Restart Acrobat.

Disabled Start-up System:

Some apps may cause system mistakes or freeze when running Adobe Acrobat simultaneously. Deactivate other applications, including startup items (items that start automatically from Windows) before starting Acrobat.

To deactivate Windows startup items, leave all applications.

  1.     Select Start > Run. Type MSConfig into the Open box, and click Ok.
  2.     Click the Start tab in the System Setup Utility dialog box and then select Deactivate All.
  3.     Click OK and start Windows again.

To re-activate the startup items,

  1. Select Start > Run. In the Open box, type MSConfig and then click OK.
  2. Click on the Start tab in the System Configuration Utility dialog box and then select Enable All.
  3. Click OK and start Windows again.

Install the recent scanner drivers and restart the system:

  1.     If a TWAIN file is missing or damaged, you will receive an error message from Acrobat when you attempt to scan using the TWAIN interface.  The TWAIN file is replaced by the reinstallation of the scanner driver.
  2.     To reinstall the driver remove any files and folders that start with Twain in the Windows or Winnt folder (for example, “Twain 32.dll”). Then restart Windows and install the recent scanner driver according to the instructions or steps of the manufacturer listed in this section.

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